Ayurvedic massage

We are childrens of Earth and Sky.
Mahatma Gandi

Millenary art

In indian tradition, massaging is an everyday habit. In families, mothers massage the new born and grown ups, then children massage elders, sense of touch is like a subtle dialogue which is transmitted to another and wakes up the senses.
In our ayurvedic massages you can initiate yourself to this tradition by massage techniques which have remained the same for millenia .
Each massage is, by essence, different depending on the person’s dosha and the features that refer to it. Our massages are deep, with a lot of pressure but always with fluidity due to the oil and masseur knowledge.
The attitude of the person receiving the massage is very important, it is as complex to receive a massage as it is to give one. The way you breath and the relationship with your own body will define the quality of the treatment. We have a vast experience of massage, which we will be very happy to share with you.

Ground massage.

Massages are made on the ground, on a futon, to remain true to indian tradition.
Being close to the ground is a way to bound yourself to the Earth.
This is very important to release mental and physical tensions, to give it away to the Earth which neutralises them. The massage will be more intense than on a table because the masseur is able to engage his weight in the massage techniques.

Some ingredients from ayurveda medecine.

Sesame oil

Used in the major part of ayurvedic treatments, the oil is sometimes mixed with medicinals plants. Ideal because it is neutral, light and fluid. Soft on the skin, it’s contact is smooth and removes toxins, balancing the 3 doshas. We use it in Abhyenga, Sapta sthiti and back massage.

Mustard oil

Used in face massage, decongesting nose canals, freeing the breath. We also use it for belly massage, as it gives better intestinal transit. It is placed on the energetic center called Marmas in ayurveda. Warm and reactive, it will raise the Fire element, and balance the Air element.
We use it for belly mandala, belly massage and nose massage.


Clarified butter is commonly used in India, it’s a main matter processed in ayurveda.
We use it for foot massage : Kansu. Also used in grand ayurvedic treatments like Ghritadhara or in oleation for panchakarmas cures. It balances the fire element in the body with it’s anti-pitta properties.
Our treatments :


One of the most classic Indian massages, with warm sesame oil.
All body parts receive the massage, an Abhyenga differs depending on the person’s needs but stays true to the tradition.
Softening and nourishing the skin and muscles and calming the nervous system, it gives a deep state of relaxation and eases physical pain.
By its encompassing feeling, it eases energetic, lymphatic, blood circulations.
Clearing tensions and weariness, giving a better night’s sleep.
Strenghtening vitality by raising the Prana, flexibility and body resistances, putting the doshas in balance, in particular Vata with the slow rhythm of the movements.

Sapta Sthiti : Seven poses

Dynamic massage, the person receives a full body massage in 7 different positions.
The breathing rhythm changes from one position to another.
The massage works on the body polarity with both energy canals : Ida and Pingala, respectivly lunar and solar.

Kansu : Foot massage with a bowl

Using a bowl made from an alloy of five different metals and ghee : clarified butter, it stimulate the foot reflexes zones. Kansu is full of benefits and give deep relaxation.
From Ayurveda knowledge, Kansu is a key massage to balance fire element : Pita.
By calming down the nervous system, it gives a better sleep and better body recovery.

Back Massage

Our back is the first place where tensions gets in. Very important massage to give more flexibility to the entire body and for the energy to move all over the body.
It is key to free the back from tensions so they don’t get further in the body. From releasing all the back tensions you will get a great feeling of wellness for your mind and body. Massage techniques will awake chacras all over your spine from bottom to top and will make physical and psychic energy to flow.
As other treatments it is not just a physical care but also energetic one.

Belly Mandala

Stomach zone is a sensitive region, it is the land of emotional beeing where tension bound to affectivity accumulate. This massage helps to free the emotional beeing.
From indian scripture belly is the “energy ocean”, manipura chadra is linked to force and ballance. Giving massage to the zone will bring more stamina and willpower. From a physiologic aspect it will optimise the way you digest. With the mustard oil it will raise Fire and clear Air elements.
To end the massage, a mandala is drawn on the belly, the focus gived by this geometrical figure and all the symbolism into it will give you better perception of the Whole.

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