Hatha Yoga

Yoga is a means to access self-realisation, with a goal of finding the union between individual self and universal self.


Shri Mahesh, Yoga et Symbolisme

To be in Yoga

Yoga is a system, as a tall tree, it has many branches.
Hatha is one of those branches, integreted in Râja Yoga.
Hatha focuses on clean asana practice correlated with breathing.
Without “performance” level, it is accessible to everyone.

Ha : positive / sun – Tha : negative / moon.
So Hatha Yoga is the union between two polarities:
Body and the mind wich also are : primal matter (Prakriti) and spirit (Purusha).
This journey enables the Yoga practitioner to unify himself with the absolute, to live in a non-dual state, to make the ego vanish.

We are Hatha Yoga teachers qualified by the French Federation of Hatha Yoga.
A regular practice will get you bound between your body&mind with a better way to breath.

Yoga benefits are numerous:

Asana (Yoga poses) : Work on muscles and a better physical condition.
All the body is used, each joint, the spine, in a way that will give you more flexibility and will ease back pain.
Pranayama (breathing exercises) is key for stress management and will enable you to evolve in full consciousness in everyday life. It is a great tool to release your mind and have better sleep.
Sessions end with a Yoga nidra (guided meditation) which gives you possibility to release yourself even more and consolidate mind and body, opening a gate to true meditation.

From this regular practice, we encourage our students to practice in a personal way. As an example : to perform the sun salutation, in a correct manner, is a first step to autonomous practice.

Shri Mahesh :

«Love is my law, Truth is my combat.» 


Athlete, Yogi, he is the first in France to make a Hatha Yoga teaching by creating the French Federation of Hatha Yoga (FFHY) in 1969. The goal is to make Yoga accessible to everyone.
He never considered himself as a Guru but always as a Hatha Yoga teacher.
He knew how to keep the essence of Yoga as the tradition told him, to give him to the occidental world. A Yoga form which is authentic, far from the more superficial “modern” yoga. A non-dualist approach inspired by advaita vedenta.

It is from his teachings that we bring the methods and love to share with everyone, the Hatha Yoga he transmitted.


We focus on a simple way to pass this Hatha Yoga knowledge as we learned it from our peers from FFHY.


Body poses as we learned them.


The respiratory techniques which will ease the nervous system. Breath regulation and control.


Physical body cleanses.

Yoga Nidra

Relaxation and guided meditation.

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