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Hatha Yoga and ayurveda are sharing material, it is important to stay informed and give your practice a dynamic aspect toward each others.

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Our Team

“In learning, you will teach
And in teaching you will learn”


Phil Collins


Marguerite Arpin

Marguerite Arpin

Hatha Yoga teacher

Graduated by French Federation of Hatha Yoga, School Teacher.
Found of nature, outdoor activities like climing, ski touring, she also find in Yoga practice her full potential to focus and teach.
In line with modern india, she is also very respectfull of ancestral knowledges and tradition.
David Marie

David Marie

FFHY Hatha Yoga teacher graduate - Tapovan ayurvedic practicioner graduate

To be in harmony with the world of nature, to develop altruism to each and everyone, those are David’s objectives in his journey for Truth.
By meditating, his often surrender himself to teh contemplation of life every aspect and fill himself with subtle foce to give his best to Yoga teaching and ayurvedic massage practice.

True to tradition and learnings

We nevery stop to Learn.
Our Yoga and Ayurveda training are continue. We love to learn more and more.
Our practice give us a better sense of observation from current of life, give us a better presence to others and most of all a better discernment of Reality.
That’s the knowledge of our master and that is what we want to transmit.

Working place

Hotel la Savoyarde is our practice place during winter.
Jacuzzi, Hammam and a Sauna available for your leisure. Hotel la Savoyarde is a bound between tranquility and familly atmosphere with a warm youch.
We practice Hatha Yoga and ayurvedic massage there. 
A massage with Alpine Shakti will give you access to the whole Spa facilities.

Contact : 04 79 06 01 55

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